Thursday, 11 July 2013

Assignment Five - Progress Report 1

I am making this post with some degree of trepidation, but I am going on holiday next Wednesday, for two weeks, and I think it's time to 'go public' on what I'm doing with Assignment Five.  Before I go, I want to share it with my tutor, and with anyone else who is kind enough to read my blog.  I have been recording the process in a separate notebook/'sketchbook' & this post won't cover all the detail of what I'm up to, but it should be enough to give a flavour.  My trepidation arises from a) the fact that I am still, to an extent, testing out the idea, meaning that what appears here will be, sort of, 'sketches'; and b) a recognition that it might be read by some (and perhaps rightly!) as complete nonsense.  Anyway, here goes ...

I have written a kind of mini-proposal, which has been agreed with my tutor, and which is here in this document.

One very important context is the Laura Letinsky 'still life' work that I've written about before, and which is best viewed here - Ill Form and Void Full - Photographers Gallery - but I would also point to the Daniel Gordon link mentioned in my 'proposal', which is here - Daniel Gordon.
So far, I have produced 'sketches' or 'mock-ups' of two images.  They are certainly not intended to be finished versions; though I should stress that some of the 'transparency of process' will remain - look at the Laura Letinsky work.  Here they are:

Assignment Five - Rough 1

Assignment Five - Rough 2

I don't know whether it is obvious, but there has been a lot of work behind these and, as I say, I have written up detailed notes of the background in a separate notebook, but I've also done a background 'presentation' of how the second of these has evolved, which is here (click on it to view large and read):


I need to stress that I see the final outcome of this process as a set of high quality prints - so anything viewed digitally will inevitably fall short of my objective.  I'm tempted to try and explain further but I think I might leave it here, as a progress report.