Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Assignment One – update

This course and its blog have taken a bit of a back seat over the last few weeks because I have been working on my final assignment for People & Place.  That is progressing well, with the shooting due to be completed this week.  Things have not been entirely idle on the PwDP front, however.  I did have two or three sessions out and about with the camera a few weeks ago; and there are a few ‘contenders’ for the assignment submission.  I have also, in line with the approach on the People & Place assignment, been wondering whether text might have a role to play.  Don’t want to overdo that angle of course, but I have at least been playing with the notion that titles, with short individual supporting comments, might work for the ‘Your own neighbourhood’ theme.

I have tried to go along with my plans for a more personal representation of the neighbourhood in which I live, and here are one or two examples of what I had in mind.
The Dark Side
This is the dark side of the valley and sometimes, in winter, the sun can seem a long way off.

When the light is beautiful, it illuminates every

Which way to go – more sheep or more development?

Seeing something special
Colour, texture, rhythm, contrast - all around us, wherever we look

Sometimes it feels like everywhere is uphill - either that or you're on the way down!

They’re just ideas and I may not use them, but I’m quite taking to this image/text combination.  I would need to be very careful not to end up with something resembling the cryptic greeting cards genre, and one or two of these may be heading that way, perhaps all of them!  However, it’s some food for thought and I’m partly logging it here to record some progress on the assignment.

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