Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review Assignment Two

I was reasonably happy with the work that I submitted for Assignment Two; and the feedback was good, too.  So, in many respects, there isn’t much to say that I didn’t say at the time of submission.  I considered some different options for the book cover at the time, and some ways in which I could present my chosen concept differently.  I’m not sure there is anything to be gained by pursuing any of those further at this stage.  The ‘coffin/texting’ combination was a good one and would probably have good potential, but as I concluded at the time, it would require a lot of organising.  I don’t see that as a worthwhile investment at this point.

I did, in my initial reaction to the tutor feedback, compare what I’d done to the ‘still life’ genre (which I also reflected on in my response to an exhibition at the National Media Museum). I might have been stretching the definition of ’still life’ somewhat, but I do find the whole idea of constructing conceptual ideas in a studio context quite interesting – which certainly fits with what I did on Assignment Two.  Consequently, I have done some further experimentation, following a not dissimilar approach with light, scale etc. In fact, it is entirely about experimenting with light, shadow, colour and form – a true abstract approach.  I’m not really sure what these are or what they’re about, beyond that idea of abstract experimentation.  But I find the work interesting and have printed a couple at A3 size and hung them on the wall – just to see how my and other people’s responses develop over time.  Here are some examples.

If anyone seeing these does have any form of response (whatever it might be!) I would be interested.

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  1. I'm particularly drawn to the top one. I like the simplicity and balance in it - the colour depth and tone work well with the shape.