Friday, 27 September 2013

Assignment Five - Progress Report 4

Assignment Five has gone off to my tutor this week - so awaiting feedback.  Something that went through my mind after sending it off is how my approach to submitting assignments has changed.  Whilst, of course, it still feels important to get the work to a high standard before sending off, there is more of a sense of 'work-in-progress' - which is a little different from early modules when one felt the need to impress by having everything perfect.  I'll get feedback and advice, then I'll do some more work, then (in March, for this module) I'll submit for assessment. Maybe this is also part of a transition to regarding it as 'my work' and not something to 'please' tutor/OCA etc.  I could, potentially, see ways to go on developing some of the ideas that have emerged during Assignments Four and Five.

In my last post, I mentioned that I might share my Assignment Five images with the OCA Flickr group.  I did, and was much encouraged by the feedback (thanks everyone!), a lot of which is here:

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