Sunday, 20 October 2013

Assignment Three - Fine-tuning the Video

My last post on Assignment Three was way back in April - here - when I'd just spent some time making further improvements to my video response to Paris Photo 2012.  I did get some further helpful comments from my tutor, but had simply had enough of the assignment by that stage and decided to leave any further work until I was getting ready for assessment.

Jesse felt that it was definitely stronger, but that there was still too much movement; that the use of an image of 'Leeds Market' was a bit 'too obvious'; and that the shot of the fish on a stall, which had previously looked rather like it had dropped in by accident, was now on screen for a bit too long.  Looking back at the video some months later, I can agree with all those points; and I also felt that the start was a little too abrupt, with the 'coin drop' sound coming in more or less immediately at 'play'.  So, I've made a few more amendments and the latest version is here.


  1. I think it flows much better now and gets its point across well. Nice work Stan!

  2. Thanks, Eileen; this assignment seems to have gone on forever but I think I've probably taken it as far as I can now.