Saturday, 18 January 2014

Assessment Submission

As the picture shows, I'm there - everything ready to go.  I am not intending to close off with any lengthy reflection; there's enough of that at various stages in the blog anyway.  Plus, I'm already getting heavily into 'Reflection' as I start my Level Three module, blogged here Body of Work.  It has been quite a lengthy journey - partly interrupted with OCASA duties - and it is nearly two years since I started this module.  To be fair to myself, the early part overlapped with completing People & Place for Assessment, and I really finished this course round October, but had no chance of getting it ready for November Assessment.
I will put on record my belief that I have progressed enormously over that period of time - so hopefully lived up to the title of the module!  The reading I've done; the exhibitions and photobooks I've looked at; the work on my revised Assignment One; the research for Assignment Four; the work for Assignment Five; all that has, I think, prepared me well for the next step.  Enormous thanks to Jesse for his support and encouragement; he has allowed me to explore 'off-piste' and has even encouraged my subversive tendencies, so I am hugely grateful for that.  Thanks also to fellow students who have looked at, and commented on, my work here and on the OCA Flickr forum; and from whom I've also learned by looking at their work and by getting into discussion with them - usually virtually, but thankfully, these days, face to face on occasions.
This work goes to OCA for assessment in a few weeks time & that will be my last post here until I have my results.  I'll reflect on that and feedback here, when I know the outcome, whatever it might be.