Saturday, 18 January 2014

Assignment One - Final Prints for Submission

Time to round off things with some final blog posts in here.  Firstly, I want to record the direction I've chosen to take with the Assessment submission for Assignment One.  As discussed with Jesse, I am going with six images from the 'Tied' project and I am submitting A4 prints that I've produced myself.  I've also mounted them on card myself - using spray-mounting.  As will become clear, I've gone through all sorts of twists and turns for my Assignment Five submission, and eventually gone for professional prints.  That has partly influenced my decision on this assignment.  I kind of feel that it is good, at some stage in the submission for Assessment, to demonstrate what I can do printing myself.  Spray-mounting has proved reasonably manageable for A4 prints, so I'm happy with this outcome.

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