Saturday, 18 January 2014

Assignment Five - Prints for Assessment Submission

I have to admit that I've made a bit of a meal of the decision-making process about how to get this assignment printed.  As recorded before, I've felt that my own inkjet prints on archival matte paper produced the sharpest contrast and avoided issues with a reflective surface.  However, I have been keen to print to quite a large size, and have wholeheartedly accepted my tutor's recommendation to mount on card.  I was convinced that I could do my own spray-mounting, but despite a successful one-off experiment, subsequent efforts have not come up to the standard I would be looking for at Assessment.  The sorts of problems encountered included curling of the card due to different reactions as the adhesive dried and issues with getting a really neat final trim.  I might have eventually succeeded, with even more 'pain', time and expense (and I've managed with the Assignment One A4 prints), but I eventually decided to give in gracefully.  Getting professional, mounted inkjets at the size I wanted was going to prove hugely expensive, so I have eventually gone back to Peak Imaging's C-prints on their matte paper, which has meant accepting some surface reflection but I have managed to counter my contrast concerns with some further 'tweaking' of the file.  It hasn't been cheap but at least I'm now happy with the outcome.  They're printed at 30cm by 45cm, without borders (for the reason discussed before but perhaps worth repeating - there are 'borders' in a number of the images that appear in my assemblies & so printing with yet another border begins to look odd).

So - Assignment Five well and truly completed - it's been a fascinating process from which I've learned a very great deal.

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